Monday, October 5, 2009

Absolute Narcissism: Non-co-operation with God. Passive resistance.

"Absolute Narcissism: Non-co-operation with God.Passive resistance."

"Self -Love.
The death of Narcissus has always seemed totally incomprehensible to me. Only one explanation seems plausible: Narcissus did not love himself. He allowed himself to be deceived by an image. He didn't know how to go beyond appearances. Had he fallen in love with the face of a nymph rather than his own, his mortal impotence would have remained the same. But had he known how to love himself beyond the mirage this would have been a happy fate, the epitome of living paradise, the myth of the privileged man, worthy of envy down the centuries. That beautiful child was able to extract the infinite from his reflections, while we remain vibrations away, always the same, incapable of going any further.
Oh Narcissus, you could love yourself in everything: sun, your brother, even more beautiful in the weary night, who reflects a pallor on the moon which he never wearies of admiring; all colours scattered and each seeks out the most faithful copy of itself among the valley's multicoloured columbines; honeys that the bees, your sisters, are so fond of and where the flowers seek out their fragrance...You were able to love yourself among wood spirits and nymphs, flattering or truthful mirrors, unconscious instruments of a separate will. And you remained apart because you would have been able, through your divinity, to isolate yourself from the universe, experience your existence, know and love yourself.
Can Narcissus die withered, he whose self-love is fulfilled in an egoism for two, for many, for all, in the universal orgy?" Claude Cahun, "Claude Cahun:Disavowals or Cancelled Confessions" Tate Publishing London 2007

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